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27 lutego 2024


🌐✨“Change the world beyond your classroom.”

Dear students, parents, teachers, and friends.
📣We are proud to announce a new partnership of Techni Schools and EIT Jumpstarter.

🌐The EIT Community is a collaborative network comprising the European Institute of Innovation and Technology's (EIT) long-term partnerships, known as Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).

These KICs are dedicated to driving systemic change in Europe and beyond, focusing on key areas such as climate change, energy, health, food, manufacturing, raw materials, digitalisation, urban mobility, culture and creativity. By harnessing the collective expertise of the KICs, the EIT Community initiatives power innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity in Europe. The goal is to foster a competitive, inclusive, and sustainable European economy for generations to come.

The EIT Jumpstarter initiative that has emerged, provides an opportunity to develop the most innovative projects from Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe. It focuses on early stage ideas of advanced technology and scientific ideas that will evolve into practical business solutions. The project is designed for ambitious youth, ready to introduce innovations to the international community.

💡As a part of the partnership between the Private Technical Secondary High-School Techni Schools and EIT Jumpstarter, selected students from our school will participate in the 8-month entrepreneurial program. It will conclude during a pitching session, consisting of brief startup presentations to investors, business partners and industry experts.

New opportunities will unfold, including consultations with top-tier experts assisting our students in building real-life business models. Participants will gain access to the EIT Community: EIT Urban Mobility, EIT Health, EIT Digital, EIT RawMaterials, EIT Food, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Manufacturing and Engineering Institute of Technology. Collaborating with the creative EIT community and accessing unique know-how is something many of us can only dream of! ✨

🌐The best performing students will be invited to the Grand Final of EIT Jumpstarter, where they will have a chance to pitch their ideas to the public, experts, investors, the EIT Community, and to network.

✅A great leap forward awaits them.
EIT Jumpstarter, thank you for your trust.

Gratefully, we begin a journey with our young programming talents towards new horizons of international business innovation.


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